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A few years ago my husband, Ben, and I were dip netting. At 2 am it was cold and wet. I was tired and hungry. I wished, so much, that I could have a nice hot delicious fresh coffee! This was the birth of our idea to have a mobile coffee trailer.


As time went on our ideas and dreams became bigger and more detailed. It has been a long road but fun and enlightening. We love our state and enjoy being a part of all it has to offer. This business gives us the freedom and fun to participate in various events and meet new people.


We just hit our 2 year anniversary as being an open business and we have ventured into not only having the mobile coffee trailer but we now have a sit down, dine in store front: Caffé Dolce 907: Cheesecake & Coffeehouse! Come visit! Located @ 617 S. Knik Goose Bay Rd. Suite F, Wasilla, Alaska.



What a ride this has been.  We had our third anniversary in November 2019 and this year, 2020 has been CrAzY! Everyone is going thru a lot right now with the Covid-19. We are learning a whole new curve to business. You can now order and pay ahead with our app, Odeko or get your cheesecakes from this website! Whoop Whoop!

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