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Per hour standard price if guests are paying for their own drinks: $175

Per hour standard price if host is paying for guests to have drinks: $100

Then we have packages to help you decide the price limit per person you would like to pay.

We have individualized catering plans that we would love to go over with you! Feel free to e-mail us and we will respond to your inquiry! Please include your name, phone number, number of guests, type of event and setting of the event. We would love to be a part of your next shindig!


Regular Option Items:

Espresso. Blended drinks/Shakes. Cones. Floats.

Specialty Option Items (50 more cents per head): or need to have the 3 option price.

Sundaes, Italian sodas (red bull too), affogatos, banana splits

1 item option – $4.50 per head

2 item option - $5.00 per head

3 item option - $5.50 per head (coffee, ice cream and one specialty item

Full trailer service $8.50 per head – two items per head.

If a special drink that is custom for event is wanted. $15 charge for advertising and special supplies

Full Ice cream Package:

Price per hour: 125




Banana splits

Full Coffee Package:

Price per Hour: 125

12 oz package (3.80 a piece) 5% off average

16 oz package (4.30 a piece) 5% off average

Full Trailer Package:

Price per hour: 175

Customers pay full price for items on trailer.


Christmas Towne, Alaska! November 18, 19, 20, December 16, 17, 18

Black Friday! November 25

Colony Christmas! December 9, 10, 11


907-841- 6155

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