Caffé Dolce-
Cheesecake & Coffeehouse 

Caffe Dolce- Cheesecake & Coffeehouse.
Caffe Dolce means "Sweet Coffee" in Italian, my dad's side of the family comes from Trieste, Italy.


We started out with great hand crafted espresso based beverages and have grown to not only include a menu of gourmet panini sandwiches on fresh bread and house made soups but we also make our own cheesecakes!


 Located at 617 S. Knik Goose Bay rd. Suite F, in Wasilla, Alaska, you can enjoy your espresso, tea, cheesecake or a gourmet grilled cheese and dine-in while visiting with your friends and family! End your visit with a tasty traditional affogato! (If you don't know what this is, come in and try it!)

We love our customers and want you to feel like family. We strive to greet every person and communicate in such a way that you know you are heard and cared for: whether that is a 30 second conversation or a 10 minute long visit. We know you have options for your coffee and we appreciate you taking the effort to seek us out and come inside.

Alaska is our home and 'fueling Alaskans for Alaska' has always been at the heart of our business.
We strive to meet people where they are and provide the energy they need to continue living the Alaskan lifestyle via coffee, ice-cream, and a variety of tasty treats. We carefully selected the products that we use and serve to promote the Alaskan economy through promoting and utilizing our fellow local businesses. We use many environmentally friendly products; for example, our cups are manufactured in Homer, Alaska and are biodegradable and compostable.

Other local businesses that we incorporate:
Loopy Lupine
Northstar Bakery

Empower LLC - Alaskan Wild Chaga
Sipping Streams Tea Co. 
Three Bears of Alaska
Kashabba Tribe Ministries
The Shirt Lady
Homer Brewing Company
Linford of Alaska

We hope you enjoy your time with us, and if you haven't stopped in yet, please do. We cannot wait to meet you. 

Compostable Cups
Compostable Cups

Provided by Loopy Lupine

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Gourmet Grilled Cheese

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Store Front Hours

Monday: 7:30-4
Tuesday: 7:30-4
Wednesday: 7:30-4
Thursday: 7:30-4
Friday: 7:30-6
Saturday: 9-6
Sunday: Closed

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617 S. Knik Goose Bay Rd. Suite F, Wasilla, Alaska

907-373-2253 (CAKE)

History of Coffeehouses

     The concept of serving people coffee from a single location started back in the 1400s in the country of Turkey, modern day Istanbul. People knew this beverage helped focus the mind and energize the body... but the science on how to extract it with the best flavor didn’t exist. We are talking a real sludge cup. Roll into the 1500 and Europe opened its first coffeehouse. This era we see filtration and adding cream and sweeteners as well. By 1650 coffeehouses began to popularize and were opening in Britain. These spaces were places for people to come together and connect, socialize, learn, discuss social issues, philosophies, ideas... all over a simple affordable cup of coffee. Due to the nature of the scene, coffeehouses were dubbed “Penny Universities.” It was an extremely cheap place to learn. Coffeehouses were not segregated places, social status didn’t matter, education levels didn’t matter. Once inside, people of all areas and ages of life were together and connecting – communicating. What a neat atmosphere!
     By the late 1700s coffeehouses were also here in America and were a hot spot for business communication. All this time coffee was evolving and the science behind its brewing method offered many forms of extraction for certain flavors/profiles/body. Espresso arrived late in the scene and showed up in the 1900s quickly gaining traction after the commercializing espresso machines were developed around mid-century.

     Coffeehouses today have become a place to experience great handcrafted espresso and, in some cases, your favorite type of extraction: pour over, French press, Aero Press, drip, cold brew, etc. And although the quality of coffee consumption has become phenomenal, the heart of coffeehouses has been lost to WIFI connection, headphones, single seating tables and the hustle and bustle of online social networking.  

     We love our customers; we love our connection, and we want to help be a place that cultivates and encourages good old conversation. A nonjudgmental, encouraging, education discussing and friendship encouraging place in our community. We want to be a common place ‘Penny University’ with great customer service and amazing coffee and treats. Let’s be a light in the community and learn to be neighbors once again. Come join us!


Fueling Alaskans for Alaska